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What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is an approach - a way to work with the body and its structures - developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the 1940's. Dr. Rolf discovered a way to reorganize our soft tissue system and bring balance and spatial harmony to all parts of the body. 

Each part of the body relies on connective tissue, also known as "Fascia", to hold it in place and to move. Structural Integration works directly with the Fasciae, bringing it into a healthier, more resilient state. The goal of Structural Integration is to bring balance to the entire body by way of the Fascia. Structural Integration changes the state of our Fascia at the innermost layer, thereby changing the way our bodies are held in gravity, allowing gravity to pass through us and not drag us down. 

With highly aware hands, the practitioner holds bones and tissues in place as the client moves. With proper resistance and proper movement the fasciae is then reorganized. As a result, we find less compression within joints and more resilience in the tissue, leaving the client feeling energized and free to move. 

10 sessions is a classical treatment of Structural Integration typically once a week. In the 10 sessions the entire body is addressed. Bones and muscles are freed from Fasciae adhesions and movement becomes easier. Proper movement and correct posture will be discovered. By the end of the 10th session the client will have a new profound relationship and understanding of their body and how to move it.

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